Application with usual plaster machines

No specific equipment or machinery is needed for the application of Natural Shield. It can easily be applied with the usual plaster spraying machines. The most important point here is the amount of water that is put into the powder form of Natural Shield. The amount of water used is approximately three times as less as used for the standard plaster.

First of all the amount of water per bag should be optimized. Lathing is used while applying the prepared mixture. After a while the product starts to lose its water content and gets ready for the decorative to be applied over it. Alternatively the process can also be done with a plaster spraying machine.

Manual Application

One bag of Natural Shield Insulation Plaster is put into a 30-40 liters bucket. After adding 6-7L of water into the bucket it is mixed by the mixer and the mixture is made ready to use. There is no need for an extra lining or filling before application. Laths are used to obtain the desired thickness and surface plainness. The material is applied with the help of a suitable trowel between the laths.

After waiting for the product to dry up, as a finishing material decorative is used over Natural Shield Insulation material that was applied on the wall.